I'm Yugvir.

Nice to meet you!

"The things that make me different are the things that make me ME."
- Piglet (A.A. Kline)

I believe that empathy is the greatest skill any UX professional can have. We are all different unique, with varying needs, and lived experiences. To honor that, I strive to base my work in decisions that recognize & support all voices, and celebrate everyone!

My values

Humans have biases. I think it's really important for UX professionals to reflect on their own values, and why they make the decisions they make. Here is what I hold myself accountable for:

[1] Be humane: Being socially responsible with tech means to never exploit users' vulnerabilities.
[2] Be inclusive: Great user experiences are made when all are involved and heard.
[3] Be communicative: Best decisions are made when everyone is on the same page.

My career so far

My Bachelor's degree in Computer Science empowers my passion to build creative yet simple tech solutions for not-so simple problems. During my undergraduate degree, I worked as a freelance product designer for a growing company called VisIoT. Working on an assistive tech product there, I honed my skills as a UX professional; understanding end-users' needs, empathizing with their experiences, identifying & involving stakeholders in the design process, and testing rapid prototypes - all while working within engineering constraints.

Upon graduating in 2020, at a time of peak uncertainty for the world, I decided to venture into the unknown and start a small business called The May Circle. I took on many responsibilities from product manager, to product designer, to developer. Along with teaching me many life lessons, this provided me with first-hand experience in product strategy, branding, and the importance of recognizing and serving business needs hence fueling my .

I'm now at Georgia Tech getting my master's in Human Computer Interaction. My aim is to craft technologies that better people's wellbeing, aid their workflow, or simply spark joy.

Speaking Experience

I have been involved in the UX, and HCI community for a while now. I even guest starred in some event, see below.